Robin Bufanda

My Kidney Story

My name is Robin Bufanda and my “Kidney Failure” happened due to a medication injury which left me with End Stage Renal Failure.

In the fall of 2021, I was prescribed an antibiotic which resulted in kidney injury so severe that I lost the use of my kidneys and was placed onto Hemodialysis 3 times per week. Now I’m on Peritoneal Dialysis which I have to do 6 days per week, 9 hours each session. Currently I have just 10% kidney function. My Nephrologist follows me very closely and is always encouraging but I can see her concern and worry for me.

I was always the independent one in my family taking such joy in helping others. And now my life feels like a burden to my family although they always show me love, kindness and compassion. It feels as if my life, the life I once knew, is now on hold -in limbo- as I search for and pray for a miracle; an “Angel Donor”.

My life now is so different than what I had always imagined my “retirement” to be. My condition causes me such extreme fatigue and an overall debilitating feeling all day and night. I have little energy to do even the basics in life. At the age of 66, after working my entire life, I never envisioned spending retirement with my husband of 42 years like this. We’ve raised an amazing son and daughter and used to look forward to our “Golden Years” and to traveling and enjoying life. Instead I now must rely upon the kindness of a stranger to save my life through sharing one of their Kidneys with me.

I was recently accepted to the UC IRVINE Hospital, Orange, Ca., Transplant Program and I am searching for a Living Donor because the wait time for a deceased Donor in California can be 8 to 10 years.

UC IRVINE uses a “paired donation” program which can link two or more donor/recipient pairs for transplant compatibility.

To see if you may be a suitable Kidney Donor Candidate, please complete the Confidential Questionnaire at the UCI Donor Website:

Contact Information

Name: Robin Bufanda

Email: [email protected]

I’m also on FaceBook & Instagram.

Transplant Hospital: U C Irvine, Orange, CA

Hospital Contact: Phyllis Freeman

Hospital Email: [email protected]

Hospital Phone: 515-240-5043