Nadeem Hoosein

My Kidney Story

Urgent Request: Help Nadeem Find a Kidney Donor!

Hey everyone! We need your help today to support my brother Nadeem Hoosein. Just last month, right after celebrating his 30th birthday, Nadeem received some life-altering news. He discovered that he is in stage 4 kidney failure.

Nadeem had taken a routine test as part of the requirements for a new job he was eagerly anticipating. Little did he know that this test would uncover the reality of his condition.

His kidneys have shrunk to half their normal size, resembling a raisin.

His GFR results are alarmingly low at 9%, and his creatinine levels have increased to 7.4. These numbers indicate that his kidney function is rapidly declining.

Despite these critical levels, Nadeem is currently not experiencing any noticeable symptoms. He’s living his life as normally as possible, cherishing every moment. However, this period of stability won’t last much longer, as his kidney function continues to deteriorate.

Nadeem has not started dialysis yet because we are desperately hoping to find a suitable kidney donor with blood type B+. Finding a matching donor can make an incredible difference and give Nadeem a second chance at life.

Here’s how you can help:
Share this post: Spread the word far and wide. The more people who see this, the greater the chance of finding a potential donor.

Get tested: If you or someone you know is blood type B+ and willing to donate a kidney, please reach out to us. Your selfless act could save Nadeem’s life and bring immense joy to his loved ones.

Support Nadeem: Even if you’re unable to be a donor, your emotional support means the world. Leave a message of encouragement or share stories of hope to keep Nadeem’s spirits high during this challenging time.

Let’s rally together as a community and show Nadeem that he’s not alone in this fight. We believe in the power of compassion and collective action. Together, we can make a life-changing difference for Nadeem and help him find the kidney he so desperately needs.

Message us directly for more details. Time is of the essence, so please share this post right away. Thank you for your kindness and support!

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Contact Information

Name: Nadeem Hoosein

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 347-398-1898

Transplant Hospital: LIJ Kidney Dis./Hypertension

Hospital Contact: Libbie Binkiewicz

Hospital Email: [email protected]

Hospital Phone: 516-666-0899