Gail Hamright

My Kidney Story

My name is Gail, and I want to share my kidney story with you. It’s been a challenging journey, one filled with uncertainty and limitations, but I remain hopeful for a brighter future. In 2018, I received the devastating news: kidney failure. Life as I knew it took an unexpected turn, and I found myself facing the harsh reality of dialysis. It was a challenging adjustment, and I had to adapt to a new way of living and managing my health.

Since 2019, dialysis has been a part of my daily routine. I remember the adjustment period, getting used to the treatments and the impact they had on my life. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve remained strong, determined to make the most of each day.

In 2020, I was placed on the transplant list, eagerly awaiting that life-changing call. But as the months turned into years, the call never came. I’ve held onto hope, but the reality is that the longer I remain on dialysis, the lower the survival rates become. It’s a constant reminder of the urgency of finding a kidney.

Before dialysis took over my life, I was an active member of my church community. I loved being involved, attending conferences, and meeting other religious leaders. Those moments were precious to me, and they gave me a sense of purpose and fulfillment. But now, confined to my home due to dialysis, those opportunities have become distant memories.

The toll of dialysis has been significant, not just physically but emotionally and financially as well. I’ve had to cut back on work, unable to maintain a full-time job due to the draining nature of the treatments. It’s been a constant struggle, but I refuse to let it define me.

One silver lining in this challenging journey has been meeting John. We found solace and understanding in each other through our shared experiences. We lean on each other for strength and support because we truly comprehend the unique struggles we face. Having someone who understands the daily battles and the hope we hold onto makes all the difference.

As each day passes, the weight of dialysis becomes increasingly burdensome. I dream of a life without the constraints and limitations it imposes. I yearn to travel again, to engage fully in my church community, and to regain my independence.

If you’re reading this and feel moved to help, please consider becoming a living donor. Your generosity could change my life and restore my freedom. Together, we can defy the statistics and give hope to those of us who are still waiting. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story, and please keep me in your thoughts as I continue to navigate this journey towards a kidney transplant.

Contact Information

Name: Gail Hamright

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 803-230-2526


Transplant Hospital: Atrium Health

Hospital Contact: Christina Maguire

Hospital Phone: 704-355-6649